January 2018 Minutes

Meeting held at Heathfield School 16th January 2018


General Meeting

Present at this meeting: Puck, Robin, Vicki, Julie, Roland, Mick Fiona, Sue, Claire and Michelle   

1 Apologies for Absence: Sarah, Lorraine, Barrie, Ian, Niel

2 Minutes of the meeting held in November 2017 signed by Puck

3 Additional items for the agenda – White Ribbon Campaign

4 Priority items:          

a) Conference motion prioritisation – Conference booklet Motions 2, 27, 29, 38, 66. Composite in the motion 66 (Assessment in both primary and secondary education) Discussion about various motions and the ones Somerset would like to support. Motion 35 with a lay lead union. Also, the Steve Sinnott foundation Motion 38 which has already been identified. Motion 27 building towards a single education union. Motion 70 Puck discusses the idea of support this motion and the crisis of children with mental health issues. The committee highlights that a lot of this motion is already being supported by the union

Robin proposed and Mick seconds Motions 2, 29, 38, 66, 45 and 35 Committee members voted unanimously in favour.  Motions 50, 51 and 52. Motion 50 proposed by Fiona and seconded by Vicki. Eight voted in favour.

b) Nomination for National Joint General Secretary. Kevin Courtney as he os the only individual within the union putting himself forward for this role. Robin proposed and Vicki seconded. The committee members voted unanimously.

c) Nomination for National Treasurer. Robin Head is putting himself forward for the National Treasury and is getting his campaign together and informed the committee the reasons why Somerset should support him and his campaign. Robin presented to the committee the reasons why he would be a strong candidate in the role of National Treasury. At this moment in time committee is unsure whether other individuals will be putting themselves forward for the nomination of National Treasury. Nomination is needed in order to get as many associations as possible to support Robin Head. Proposed by Mick and seconded by Roland. Seven supported and two abstained.

 d) New Executive areas – maps were circulated around the room. Discussion about Gloucester. Ideas of different areas under the NEU. Nine areas rather than the current eight. Discussions about the Channel Isles and whether they are in the South West or South East. Not all regions are the same, if we compare London to the South West the distance travelled is vary different. Vicki would support Map 9 and give the Channel Isles to Hampshire. Proposed by Michelle, seconded by Sue Nine in favour and one abstained.

5 Matters arising:          

a) Future of the Somerset NEU District. Needs to be on the agenda item every meeting. What the structure is going to look like from January 1st 2019, every meeting. Looking at the weaving of the roles in NEU. At the moment we do not have any conflicts in the roles. Future joint meeting will be held with the ATL section of the NEU.

b) National Conference – Three people on the list so far for the national Conference. Other members of the committee have decided to be included in the Somerset division. Robin would like to be a member of the committee so that he can have the same number of votes as other members committee. National Conference will be in Liverpool and it will be the first joint conference which will be three days instead of five days.

c) Sexism conference – fund travel if they want to go.

d) White ribbon campaign – to be discussed meeting. (Needs to be actioned by Robin)

6: Reports                    

a) Divisional Secretaries/National Executive – Nothing to add to Vicki’s report. Robin has a lot of cases which are very difficult and is taking up a lot of time. National Executive are going forward with the pay 5% and workload, stress which are being published and the recruitment issues. Massive Head Teacher shortages.

b) Treasurer – No treasurers report. A healthy balance.

c) Area Secretaries – On-going cases

d) Health and Safety – Roland attended a three-day conference and networking. Discussion on     the mental health in schools. Information issued by Roland to support the committee with statistics and some helpful advice.     

7 Discussion items       

a) Website – discussion on the website being currently out of date and Michelle asked the committee to look at the website and inform the committee any areas which need to be updated.

8 Correspondence:        

No correspondence this meeting

a) Vicki wants to support page 19 of the Teachers magazine – Karla Wheeler (Bristol school – helping schools support transgender pupils)

9 AOB – Supporting people with campaign finance.

Posted by Robin Head on January 29th 2018

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