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Greening Gets It Wrong Again! 

As the new school year got under way teachers will have been looking around their school to see what is new – other than a brand new education union.

However, they will also have been looking for signs that the government has been listening to their concerns and taking steps to resolve the crisis in funding and teacher recruitment and retention.

Unfortunately, recent announcements show that the government has not been listening and have failed to address the problems facing schools.

School funding

Justine Greening’s recent announcement on changes to the National Funding Formula for schools fails the five tests set for her by the National Education Union:

1. School cuts have not been reversed: Under the revised plan, 90% of schools still lose out in real terms.

2. There is no new money: these plans are based on taking money from other areas of education spending and making unrealistic assumptions about ‘efficiency savings’ which hard-pressed schools cannot achieve.

3. High needs, early years and post-16 education are not being fairly funded: these areas have suffered the biggest cuts - but she has said nothing about early years and post-16 funding and the funding increases promised for high needs pupils are well below inflation.

4. No long term funding commitment: schools need to be able to plan for the future but heads still have no idea how much money they’ll have in their budgets in 2020.

5. Historic underfunding is not addressed: schools in historically underfunded areas may receive some extra money, but it will not be enough to protect them against inflation and other costs.

Are you getting the right pay rise?

All Somerset schools have been made aware of our advice to employers that we are expecting full implementation of the STRB pay advice by Oct 31st backdated to Sept 1st.

-       All staff on M1 to M6 should be getting a 2% pay rise

-       All other classroom grades should be getting 1%

Let us know if your school is not doing this.

secretary@somerset.nut.org.uk or


SATs – the final failure

The government’s response to the consultation on primary assessment is another missed opportunity to address widespread concerns of teachers and parents. KS1 tests will be phased out by 2023 and replaced with Baseline tests for four year olds and a Multiplication Test. More on this soon, go to www.neu.org.uk for the latest information

New Union Will Be a Force For Change

The National Education Union (NEU) came into being on September 1st, following the amalgamation between NUT and ATL.

The NEU has over 450,000 members and represents the majorty of teachers and education professionals in the UK.

The NEU is the fourth largest union in the UK and the largest education union in Europe.

Find out more about the NEU at www.neu.org.uk

Lobby of Parliament Oct 24th

Please join us in lobbying your MP to help erode the School Cuts mentality by the Government. Contact your MP and say you wish to meet them and join us in London.

For info of transport contact Robin at


Posted by Robin Head on October 15th 2017

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