May 2018 Annual General Meeting Agenda

1 Apologies for Absence

2 Minutes of the last AGM held May 2nd 2017

3 Correspondence

4 Reports:       a) Joint Divisional Secretaries

                        b) National Executive

                        c) Treasurer/ Statement of Accounts


Secretary 1     £632.00

Secretary 2     £632.00

Treasurer        £1064.00

Ass. Sec.         £474.00

Area Sec.        £474.00

Proposer: Sue Amatiello

Seconder: Lorraine Lateau

President         £189.00

                        Appointment of Auditors; Penny Bowden, from Penny Plus

                                                     Proposer: Roland Hurrell

                                                     Seconder: Niel Apps

5: Installation of New President, Barrie Hall, introduced by Robin Head

6. Thanks to the retiring President – Vicki Nash

7. Nominations for National Executive seats for South West           

8. Nomination for National Membership and Equality Officer                      

9. Election of Officers – See attached sheet

Proposer: Sue Amatiello

Seconder: Puck Webber

10. President’s Address – Barrie Hall

11. School Representative Awards

12. Presentation by Dr Mary Bousted, NEU Joint General Secretary

Posted by Robin Head on April 27th 2018

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