Inaugural meeting Tuesday January 22nd

Tuesday, January 22nd 5.30pm at The Bear Tavern, Street 

(Refreshments provided at start and Buffet Meal at 6.30pm)

Dear Member,

The inaugural meeting of Somerset NEU is taking place at The Bear in Street at the advertised time. All members are very welcome to discuss the issues of the day both nationally and locally. Please let us know in advance if you wish to attend so that we can let the pub know numbers. Please also advise us of any dietary requirements you may have or any disability issues that might prevent your participation


General Meeting

1 Apologies for Absence: 

2 Minutes of the final meetings of Somerset ATL and Somerset NUT held last term for noting by the committee at a separate meeting.

3 Additional items for the agenda

4 Priority items: a) Quorum of Somerset NEU meetings set and adoption of model rules

                                    b) Pay/funding ballot & STRB pay recommendation 2019/20  

                                    c) Prioritisation of National Conference agenda items

                                    d) Regional Council elections  

 5 Matters arising: a) 

6: Reports a) Local Secretaries/National Executive  

                                                          (copies available at the meeting)

b) Treasurer

c) Area Secretaries

d) Health and Safety

                                    e) LGBT+ 

                                    f) TUC women in leadership course

7 Discussion items a) Somerset NEU website

8 Correspondence: a) 

9 AOB  (as notified in advance)                      

Posted by Robin Head on January 16th 2019

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