October 2017 Meeting Minutes

General Meeting: Frome College 17th October 2017

1 Apologies for Absence: Sue, Puck, Anne, Neil, Mick

Present at the meeting: Lorraine (acting as President due to Puck’s absence), Vicki, Julie, Claire, Ian, Roland, Robin, Brin and Michelle

2 Minutes of the meeting held in September signed at this meeting by Lorraine.

3 Additional items for the agenda – see A.O.B

4 Priority items:        

a)      Lobby of Parliament 24th October 2017 (School Cuts)

 Roland, Robin and Michelle (some awaiting times of the meeting with Members of Parliament) Transport arrangement will be made prior to the 24th October 2017.

b)     Future of the Somerset NEU District

Meetings have taken place with ATL to see how this will continue in the future. ATL are very good with Continual Professional Development (CPD). Structures need to be in place by November 2018. Still using both logos until January 2019. The NUT division will need to buy new materials to support this transition.

5 Matters arising:      a) Joint CPD with ATL. First event for November 16th 2017 at the Holiday Inn Taunton between 5pm-7pm (Junction 25 M5. NEU will support this event with some of the goodies. The theme of the meeting is E Safety. Both NUT and ATL division of the NEU is hoping to do one event per term.

b) Discussion of pay advice for 2017/18 National Appeals committee. 2% and 1% UPS and above. The authority believe that schools should follow this. Academies have also been advised to follow the this also.

d) National Conference. Paperwork was passed around for delegates to fill in.

e) Xmas meal Half Way House, Pitney near Somerton on Tuesday 5th December at 7pm. You need to send your choices from the Christmas Menu to Puck (Use the Pub’s website to aid you with this) If you do not have Puck’s email please send your choices to Vicki.

6: Reports                 

a) Divisional Secretaries/National Executive see reports. Ongoing concerns with several schools. Pay for (Somerset District which will replace Somerset Division)

Apprentice. £3.50 an hour for apprentice teachers. The union will not support this and will also ask the Labour party to also oppose this. (Discussion about this and the many issues about retention of staff)

b) Treasurer report  – Financially sound.

Items which need to be purchased by Somerset include:

2 pull up  banners

4 boxes of mugs

Promotion resources for NQT’s (£500)

Expenditures –

Retired teachers section – Staplegrove Village Hall   £105

Labour Research £50.

Proposed Robin, seconded by Julie.

 Honorary revisit in January meeting 2018.

c) Area Secretaries Roland Nothing to report, some cases are still ongoing.

d) Health and Safety – Roland issued a report about issues with figures with    regard to exclusions. Some examples of issues with class sizes and practical subjects. (Class sizes have been increasing overtime to at least 26 where the classrooms have not been designed for this number)

7 Discussion items     

a) White Ribbon campaign - forms will be photocopied and resources will be discussed and support for the campaign in November 2017.

8 Correspondence:     

a) Motion on Sexism and Harassment email from East London’s association. Noting an increase in sexism and harassment in schools. Gender stereotyping. Breaking down the barriers. Support given to Eat London’s association. Proposed by Robin and seconded by Vicki. The conference aims to develop more resources.

b) Charlton Park Academy donation – They want to rip up the burgundy book with regard to sickness. The union is supporting this. Robin is proposing that we support the striking GMB workers £100.00 Proposed by Michelle and seconded by Julie.

c) Michelle talked about the South West TUC and spoke about issues in Cornwall and the National concerns with regard to the state of the NHS.


Xmas meal – see above

Announcement – was made by Robin.

Next Meeting will take place at Heathfield School on 14th November 2017.

Posted by Robin Head on November 6th 2017

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