September 2017 Meeting Minutes

National Teachers Union

Somerset County Teachers Association Committee Meeting

(NEC – NUT Division)

19th September 2017 – General Meeting

1.       Apologies for absence – Ian, Anne, Niel and Julie.

Present – Puck (President) Susan (Sue), Roland, Lorraine, Mick, Niel, Michelle, Claire, Robin and Vicki.

2 Minutes of the meeting held in June – Need to be agreed at the next meeting as not available to be seen at today’s meeting.

3 Additional items for the agenda – None

4 Priority items:              

a) Joint CPD with ATL and how to fund it. – Robin informed the committee of the need for ATL Division and NUT Division of the NEC to join together to fund Teacher training at Skill. CPD should now be shared between the two divisions and a meeting had been arranged for Monday 25th September 2017, however  due to other Union and personal commitments NUT will contact ATL Division to arrange an alternative date.

b)Nomination for National Pensioner meeting in London in October 2017 - Mick agreed to be put forward as our representative. Michelle proposed and Loraine seconded that Mick should represent the Somerset NUT division of the NEC.

c) Nomination for National Vice President – Robin informed the committee of the two positions available. (One from NUT and one from ATL) Amanda Martin (NUT Division), John Wiseman (NUT Division) and (Kauser Jan NUT Division) for this post.  The committee discussed all the candidates and it was agreed that Somerset Committee would nominate Amanda Martin. It was proposed by Neil and Seconded by Susan. The committee then discussed sending some financial support to Amanda Martin and it was agreed to send £500 and if needed another £500 to support Amanda with her National Campaign. This was proposed by Mick and seconded by Roland.

d) Discussion of pay advice for 2017/18 – The discussion linked to pay advice for 2017/2018  some schools wanted to award 2% across the board, however Somerset County Council was concerned that some schools might run out of monies before the end of the tax year as a consequence and therefore are advising schools to award 2% to M1-M6 and 1% to UPS teachers. Decisions on this will be made by the end of October and any award given will be back dated to 1st September 2017.

e) National Appeals committee – Paperwork was given out to ask committee if anybody was interested in being put forward for this post. Sue and Mick suggested that Michelle might want to be nominated for this role and as a consequence Michelle has taken the paper work home to read and consider this.

f) Lobby of Parliament 24th October 2017 – Robin would like members of the NUT division to lobby parliament on 24th October 2017. If any members want to be involved in this lobby contact your MP and also email Robin so that transportation and pick up points can be arranged.

g) National Conference in Brighton 30th March – 3rd April 2018 - Vicki reminded committee that the hotel has already been booked at the Kings Inn Brighton. The conference will be a sectional conference (NUT Division) of the NEU.

5 Matters arising -Not applicable at this meeting

6: Reports                          

a) Divisional Secretaries/National Executive Vicki had nothing to add to her report but checked with Robin about NQT resources to support the meeting 28th September 2017. Robin said he would chase these up. Robin gave a verbal repost which explained about the benefits of the Education website and had changed 800,000 voters as a consequence according to the Mori Poll. He also told the committee of the 1.8 Billion pounds promised by the government and that all schools in Somerset should get an extra ½% in the first year and an additional 1% in the second year.

b) Treasurer -  No change

c) Area Secretaries – Roland discussed that supported teachers in his role and some of the disputes had been ongoing since March 2017 but had been now been successfully settled. Roland will be attending Stoke Rochford for some additional training for case work.

d) Health and Safety – Concerns raised by Roland about Ofsted and Health and Safety as some schools in Somerset are still on open sites and worry about safe guarding. Funding was not adequate for all schools to install security fences and gates and as a consequence some schools will be worried about Ofsted gradings as a consequence. Roland will be attending a Health and Safety course at Stoke Rochford as it has been three years since his previous training.                                               

7 Discussion items

a) National Education Union – What next? – From xd1st September 2017, we became the NUT division of the NEU. Both divisions will be working together as the NEU. Conferences in 2018 will be sectional conferences but it has already been agreed that the first combined conference of the NEU will be in Liverpool. The date of the conference will be in the week leading up to Easter.                               

8 Correspondence:        

a) Niel mentioned correspondence from Palestine.

b) Michelle mentioned the White Ribbon campaign which she had supported at the TUC conference in Brighton and will add it to the agenda items for the next meeting.


 Xmas meal – Puck will look into a venue for this event which will take place on 5th December 2017. Time and venue to be confirmed by Puck at the next committee meeting. Puck will circulate the menu once the venue has been decided upon.

Next Meeting – 17th October 2017 At Frome College. Start time 6.30 pm to support members who have to travel to this location. The following meeting will return to Heathfield School on 14th November 2017.

Posted by Robin Head on October 1st 2017

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